How to participate?

There are four steps to participate:

  1. Register your interest using the contact form
  2. Specify clearly in which challenge you would like to participate (image-based only, graph-based only, both).
  3. Download the sample dataset(s)
  4. Download the test dataset(s)
  5. Submit your results and description(s) of your method(s) using the contact form

Once the competition is completed, its results will be announced at ICDAR 2019.

Management of the competition: The registration to the competition is only a registration of interest. It does not commit you to submit any results. Only the teams that are registered will have access to the test datasets. 
The competition is managed in an open mode which means that we do not ask you to provide your algorithm but only your results. However, the organizing team reserves the right to ask for further details about a solution.

Submission file

Submissions are evaluated according to the Mean Average Precision @ 5 (MAP@5):

where U is the number of images, P(k) is the precision at cutoff k, and n is the number predictions per image.

For each Image in the test set, you may predict up to 5 labels for the character . The file should contain a header and have the following format:

Image_id, predicted 
DCM002, label1, label2, label3, label2, label5
DCM002, 2, 18, 5, 43, 22